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Our server runs the default version on Hexxit on Medium Difficulty with one additional mod, Trade Booth.  Please see the bellow installation instructions:


Hexxit Installation 

Hexxit installation is easy. Just download the mod from the official site and install it. You need a valid Minecraft account to be able to play.

For server details, send me a message using this contact form or on Facebook.

 Tradebooth is temporarely disabled so all you need to install is the official version of Hexxit.

Trade Booth Installation

Tradebooth is a modification that facilitates trading between players. It is perfectly safe to use. Read the instructions on how to use here.

  1. Download the proper version from this link – current is Tradebooth 0.4.2 (NOT
  2. Copy it as it is, a .zip file (do not unpack),  in the Hexxit Mods folder – default  C:\Users\“your user\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\hexxit\mods\
  3. Download this file(right click. Save as…) and copy it in the Hexxit Config folder – default  C:\Users\“your user”\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\hexxit\config\ (if you do not use the config file, the game will crash on launch)
  4. Start the game – in case of crash, exit the game and copy the file again in that folder. In case of crash, redo the whole process minding the version of the file and paths.

For each new version of Hexxit, Tradebooth will have to be reinstalled

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